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Archives If This Should be the Final Year The old man sat comfortably on the park bench and thought, quite peacefully, of what may well be his final year. He had lived his ninety years. As a child he had wild fantasies of flying a car that turned into a plane.  As a young man he has seen, in his imagination, the visions of a future filled with high drama and effecting change in his
Archives Stories That Have Come Down to Us Over the Years In 1925, a man of twenty-seven years was standing on a street corner in Mexico City, Spanish-German dictionary in hand, asking people, in rough Spanish, “Do you speak German?” After two hours, a friendly Jewish man agreed that he could help and it was soon negotiated with Mexican authorities for Lehrer Heinrich Regehr, to register the birth of a son to his wife, Katarina,
Archives Autobiography Twenty: Dirty Thirties, a Train, and a Bum At dusk, the long train came to a stop across the field from our Prairie home. On the box cars were a hundred free riders, known to us only as “Bums”, on every car, moving about like busy ants. A lone figure separated itself from the rest, and a young man emerged, making his way to our house. Our family of seven children and mother,

Grand Larceny

Posted by henryadminlogin on  October 11, 2023
Archives Grand Larceny The top, left-hand drawer of my Father’s oak roll-top desk had a special little purse. It was leather, well worn, with a simple clasp. The purse contained, always, the ten percent “Missionary Offering” that Father faithfully took from his pitiful Saskatchewan depression salary of the Dirty Thirties. At age eight and nine, I was keenly aware that money was painfully scarce at our house, and we were constantly reminded that we could

My Heroes

Posted by henryadminlogin on  October 11, 2023
Archives My Heroes I had three older brothers, and when I was growing up, all three were my heroes, my models. Each one in his own unique way showed me how to live, how to get along in the world. Each one was an authority on things that interested him. In 1938, on our way home from school, they talked about a new product that could not be torn, was transparent, but could easily be
  1. Rita

    That was so captivating. I can envision you sitting on a bench, pondering, and reflecting.
    Thanks for painting such a clear picture.

  2. Leona

    Dear Mr. Regehr,
    Your niece, Lorie has introduced me to your blog which I am throughly enjoying . We have been friends since our school days in grade 11when we lived just off Henderson Highway in East Kildonan. I began writing in earnest five years ago. Hopefully I will complete the memoir before my last year! ❤️ Leona Hiebert Rew

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