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“The Echo of Thunder” by Henry Regehr

Posted by Henry on  October 18, 2020
Archives To a six-year -old, sitting at the supper table on a sultry summer evening, the brilliant flash of lightning, followed by a stunningly loud clapping of thunder, was a frightening experience.   Prairie thunderstorms had a particular quality about them. They exploded dramatically from the wide open skies and always brought welcome rain to the parched garden and to farmers’ fields. It was a blessed alternative to the stifling dust storms that  blew in from
Archives The truck was loaded with food supplies for a region of The Belgian Congo that was experiencing devastating drought. Dr. Bob and his assistant/cook/mechanic were delayed by the weather which had turned into a tropical storm. The lightening flashed continuously, the roar of the thunder was constant, the wind and rain threatened the buildings and the trees. The trip would have to be postponed till the next day which, indeed, was cloudless and quiet.
Archives Doctor Bob drove the dark green dodge truck from Emmaus, Pennsylvania, to dockside in New York. Shipped to Mombasa, Kenya, it was available for pick up a month or two later.  When he and his family arrived at their new home in the Belgian Congo, he drove it, through rugged country, some twelve hundred kilometers to Nyankunde. The roads, single track mud lanes, were haphazardly built through savanna and jungle by British and Belgian

Two Strange Hours at Entebbe in 1972

Posted by Henry on  October 16, 2020
Archives By Henry Regehr  July 30, 2020 In July 1972, our Lufthansa 737-100 flew out of Nairobi airport after a long anxiety-producing delay. Kenyan officials had been checking all women for excessive jewelry to prevent gold and money from leaving the country. Fear had gripped the Asian community of East Africa when Idi Amin, in neighbouring Uganda, had begun imprisoning and killing Asians in deadly earnest. The East Asians of Kenya, the backbone of Kenyan

Portraits of Lillian by Henry Regehr 1,800 Words

Posted by Henry on  October 10, 2020
Archives As a photographer, I remember events and relationships in images of the mind. These stories, these reflections, are the still photos of a long-lasting and loving romance. I now share this album of images with you. February 1946: On starlit prairie winter evenings, riding Madge, thirteen- year-old Lillian lets her pony choose its way in the farm field. She lies back on the horse and gazes at the wide- open black sky, its shimmering

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