Lillian – December 22nd, 2018

It appears that ugly, persistent Vascular Dementia/Alzheimer's has won the day.Lillian was admitted, on an urgent basis, to Baycrest Long Term care. Her health had deteriorated on a weekly, and sometimes on a daily, basis. Even 24 hour care in our home could not guarantee Lillian's nurture and safety. Some time ago Lillian woke me early so she could share this stunning sunrise and it contrasted sharply with the "Sundowning Syndrome" that she had been experiencing so painfully every night. The couch where we had often sat overlooking the bay had become our "crying couch" and the grief and loss of memories and familiar ways were expressed in anger and tears. The normal pattern of planning trips and concerts were now calls to cancel tickets. Nothing was left intact. We have to accommodate, like so many hurt families, to the the harsh New Normal.